Cookies & Cream Milk Chocolate Bar
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Cookies & Cream Milk Chocolate Bar



NEW! Our newest magical bar, Cookies & Cream Milk Chocolate Bar, was created by crumbling and sprinkling cream-filled cookies throughout our original milk chocolate bar.

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Cookies & Cream Milk Chocolate Bar

NEW! Our newest magical bar, Cookies & Cream Milk Chocolate Bar, was created by crumbling and sprinkling cream-filled cookies throughout our original milk chocolate bar. However, nothing calms you down like milk and cookies, or you could even take a little excursion with them.

With quality psilocybin products from Shroomiez, you have control over how you feel and can be confident you’re getting a consistent dose of the best magic mushrooms. Uncertain of how many squares to consume? On our Dosing Guide, you can find your ideal dose.

  • psilocybin total of 4g per bar
  • 0.33g per square

At Magic MuShroomiez, we focus on quality above everything else. Because of this, we cultivate our own mushrooms at our cutting-edge facility. Although it would seem obvious to know what’s in your magic mushroom chocolate bar, many of the competitors aren’t producing products with consistent dosages in the absence of standards.

This leads to uneven trips and unpleasant encounters. Also, we painstakingly oversee each stage of the creation of our goods. We do that from spore to sale, since we want to guarantee that your magic mushroom experience is always consistent.

Exclusive Psilocybin Blend

Not all mushrooms are equal; the potency varies depending on the strain and even the harvest. In order to guarantee a consistent experience with each dose, we think that growing our own mushrooms and assembling a special blend of the greatest and most well-liked magic mushrooms is the ideal method to provide a dependable product. CRUNCH Milk Chocolate Bar.

lab tests

In order to ensure that you consistently receive a balanced experience, our team of skilled fungiculturists is constantly tweaking and optimizing our composition. Similar to how champagne is made with a range of different grapes, all to create the same precise taste every time. We examine each harvest and rate the potency of each mushroom to choose which mushrooms will go into our blend.

Our Special Recipe

To provide the greatest possible product, we continuously improve our proprietary psilocybin blends.


The best and most well-liked magic mushrooms, which might vary but may include:

  • Golden Teacher
  • Albino Penis Envy
  • Amazonian
  • Ghost
  • Jedi Mind Fuck
  • Melmak
  • Trinity
  • Mazatapec
  • Yeti, and more.

Dosage and Ingredients for Cookies & Cream Milk Chocolate Bar

dosage dosage

24 reviews for Cookies & Cream Milk Chocolate Bar

  1. Mitchell Bob

    Fast, accurate service. Shipment arrives earlier than advised all the time. Pleasure to deal with.

  2. Priscilla Walker

    I have been pleased with the service

  3. Sandy

    I had a problem today and Beverly straightened it all out.. Everyone is so helpful and friendly.

  4. Veronica Fleischer

    Very trustworthy,and the prices are very good

  5. Lynda Laisy

    Representatives are friendly, helpful, courteous and knowledgeable

  6. Ken Alper

    Prompt, efficient, and professional service – always!!!

  7. Dave

    A great alternative for me. The savings are substantial and the service is very good.

  8. Sally Lamberg

    I have always found the representatives helpful when I call with a question. My orders are processed on a timely basis.

  9. Beth Blevins

    They are so nice. I have never talked to anyone that wasn’t 100% professional.

  10. Katie mcgrath

    I love, Mushroomiez ❤️

  11. Rose


  12. Lowery

    Best customer service ever! Have used for many years and have never been disappointed

  13. Sharlla Smith

    Love everything about Mushroomiez. Always helpful, knowledgeable and super friendly. Tell all my friends about you. Your prices are 75% less than UK pricing. Thanks so much!!

  14. Yankie Matt

    Amazing taste, worked better then expected

  15. Katty Mike

    Mushroomiez has supplied my orders for some time now. They are always cordial and deliveries have been fairly punctual. The only reason to hold one star is their prices are fairly high.

  16. Betty Santini

    Very professional…easy to do business with. Great savings…

  17. Diane M Ryan

    Everyone is very pleasant and helpful. Always makes my experience easy.

  18. Kim N

    Kim N Super customer service!!

  19. Michael R

    Very pleasant people service and competitive prices.

  20. Judith

    I’m very happy with the service I get at Mushroomiez

  21. Alex Weyne

    Worked pretty well more than expected

  22. Lanette Vassar

    Tbh was worried about using this company due to the odd bad review and the items I wanted weren’t the cheapest! But took a gamble and was very happy!

  23. Ray W.

    They are very unusual and I must say very reasonably priced compared to other retailers.

  24. Latricia Nicholson

    The customer service is also very good kept me informed throughout.

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