Albino Malabar Magic Mushrooms
Albino Malabar Magic Mushrooms
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Albino Malabar Magic Mushrooms


Albino Malabar Magic Mushrooms is an albino variety of the Malabar Strain, which originates from the Indian Malabar Coast. This strain is characterized by its pure white colored fruit bodies with thick stems and round caps.

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Albino Malabar Magic Mushrooms

Albino Malabar Magic Mushrooms is an albino variety of the Malabar Strain, which originates from the Indian Malabar Coast. This strain is characterized by its pure white colored fruit bodies with thick stems and round caps. Compared to other cubes, Malabar Coast Mushrooms don’t have a particularly eye-catching look.

Its potency is above average and great for experienced users, however, beginners can also try this strain as it is extremely gentle and smooth.

They may have been characterized as little or enormous, light or dark, depending on who wrote them. Fundamentally, this isn’t one of the cube strains that have a distinctive appearance, although Penis Envy and its variations do. It has the same small to medium size, brownish cap, and dark spores as a Psilocybe cubensis mushroom.

Trip Effects of Albino Malabar Coast Mushrooms

The Malabar Mushroom’s trip effects are similar to those of Psilocybe cubensis in general: changed mood, thinking processes, and sensations (particularly at higher dosages), along with, typically, some nausea. Additional typical adverse effects include;

  • nausea,
  • issues with coordination and balance
  • anxiety,

All of these effects of Malabar Coast Mushrooms may be controlled and reduced. Although they are uncommon, severe adverse effects like seizures are possible, especially at larger dosages.

Other Effects include Laughter, Deep Introspection, Stunning Visuals, and Euphoria.

“Altered mood” often refers to the exhilaration and a sense of connectedness for most users. Some people report positive outcomes while using psilocybin to address their own anxiety. One piece of evidence that implies psilocybin does not so much alter the user’s mood as enhances it is the contradiction that mushrooms may both relieve and create anxiety.

You’ll enjoy yourself if you arrive calm and in good spirits. If you enter anxiously, you risk having a nightmare. This is why becoming mentally and physically ready for a vacation is so crucial.

It’s also worth mentioning that “poor trips” may be crucial learning experiences for those who have the emotional maturity and personal insight to embrace painful emotions. Important personal and spiritual insights can come through “altered thinking processes,” but it’s crucial to take the time to digest and learn from them after the trip else they won’t be very helpful.

Non-users often pay attention to the hallucinations, which are the changed perceptions. In fact, a lot of folks aren’t even aware that magic mushrooms can accomplish anything than “make you see stuff.” Even at large dosages, the hallucinations are really rather modest, and seasoned users don’t appear to think much of them.

Dose and potency

This strain’s potency varies greatly; a clone derived from a poor batch may yield extremely potent fruits. The best option could be to dry and grind a lot of mushrooms, then properly combine the powder to get the desired consistency. You may then calibrate dosage sizes by administering a little dose or a microdose to observe what occurs.

Use our magic mushroom Dosage Guide if you’re unsure how many Malabar Coast Mushrooms to take.


Albino Malabar Mushroom is regarded as a nice strain for beginners since it grows swiftly and effortlessly. While efforts to stabilize genetics through agar work should assist, yield size varies from extremely poor to outstanding. Usually, colonization takes place quickly.

Malabar is usually likely to respond to any technique that works for Psilocybe cubensis, although reportedly[iii] its preferred substrates are rye grain, wheat straw, and horse or cow dung. The ideal temperature for colonization is 28° C (82° F), while the ideal range for fruiting is 23°–26° C (73°–78° F).

You can also check on our other Albino species here.

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