Enigma Mushrooms
Enigma Mushrooms
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Enigma Mushrooms


Enigma Psilocyben Cubensis (Enigma Magic Mushrooms) is a rare mutation of two potent strains, Penis Envy, and B Plus Tidal Wave. This strain does not produce mushroom fruiting bodies but instead has characteristics resembling a cauliflower or brain. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR BEGINNERS.

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What Are Enigma Mushrooms, Exactly?

Psilocybe cubensis, the well-known hallucinogenic mushroom, has a mutant variety called Enigma Cubensis (Enigma Mushrooms). What do they feel like and why do they appear so strange? Here is all the information you require.

In reality, Enigma Cubensis is not a type of mushroom. It is a mutant variety of the well-known hallucinogenic mushroom, Psilocybe cubensis. I mean, a mutant magic mushroom sounds amazing, right?
This mutation, known as the “blob mutation,” essentially results in the absence of spore production in Enigma mushrooms. Instead, cloning is required for the propagation of Enigma mushrooms. In the distant future of 2023, this is still seen as being fairly exceptional.

Enigma Psilocyben Cubensis is a rare mutation of two potent strains, Penis Envy, and B Plus Tidal Wave. This strain does not produce mushroom fruiting bodies but instead has characteristics resembling a cauliflower or brain. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR BEGINNERS.

How Do Trips On Enigma Mushrooms Feel?

Although there have been some reported changes, trips using the enigma mushroom are similar to other Psilocybe cubensis excursions.
While some argue that various strains give various trips, others think that every strain yields the same effects. Although Enigma mushrooms are renowned for their peculiar growth habits and bizarre appearances, their effects on the user are not much different from those of other Psilocybe cubensis strains.
Hallucinations, altered moods, altered vision, and altered thought patterns are all side effects of enigma mushroom consumption. Enigma mushrooms’ effects are dose-dependent, thus at lower doses, mood, and mental shifts can occur without hallucinations. While taking more Enigma mushrooms, you may experience some fairly bizarre hallucinations and changed perceptions of reality.


  • 0.05g-0.1g: Microdosing to improve cognitive abilities and reduce anxiety simultaneously providing feelings of relaxation, happiness, and improved energy.
  • 0.3g-0.5g: Effects are mild and similar to weed. Expect mild visuals and relaxation. Higher dosages can expect a more body high with light hallucinations and euphoria.
  • 0.5g-1g: Expect colorful visuals, and intense feelings of euphoria, laughter, and joy.
  • 1g-3g: High dose; expect astral projections, vivid hallucinations, philosophical and introspective contemplation, and strong body high.
  • 4g+: This dosage is considered to be similar to DMT or Ayahuasca. Expect a mystical experience with intense feelings of love, unity, and connection with the universe.

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  7. Customer

    I am new to magic mushrooms but am loving the experience. They are life changing. I’ve never felt so full of love and gratitude towards our planet, and I feel like giving everyone a hug. If more people tried these there would be no wars in the world and everyone would treat each other with kindness and respect. Thank you Shrooms Online for making this wonderful gift from Mother Nature available to us. ❤️

  8. Larry Sander

    The best for me, very nice high with visuals, I recommend it!!

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