Albino Avery Mushrooms
Albino Avery Mushrooms
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Albino Avery Mushrooms


Avery’s Albino is one of the market’s first successfully isolated albino genotypes. They are beautiful mushroom to grow that comes from the Cambodian lineage of Psilocybe cubensis. They bear a lot of fruit and are considered to be very relaxing and uplifting.

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Albino Avery Mushrooms A Stunning White Shroom

Albino Avery Mushrooms is one of the market’s first successfully isolated albino genotypes. They are beautiful mushroom to grow that comes from the Cambodian lineage of Psilocybe cubensis. They bear a lot of fruit and are good for relaxing and uplifting. Because of their relaxing and anxiety-reducing properties, they are an excellent option for micro-dosing.

Avery’s Albino mushrooms are breathtakingly gorgeous. They are true albino shrooms, as opposed to many other strains with the “albino” moniker. This strain’s fruiting bodies are completely pigment-free, giving it outstanding bag appeal.

Avery’s Albino shrooms have more to offer than just their appearance. This strain is well-known for producing a peaceful and extremely creative high. In terms of power, Avery’s Albino is approximately average in comparison to other cubensis mushrooms.

The Albino Avery Mushrooms History

There is substantial uncertainty concerning the origins of Avery’s Albino and who designed it. Some claim it’s a true albino A-Strain variety (Albino A+ is just leucistic, not true albino). Others believe it is an albino strain of the Cambodian strain.

Shroomery user “Albinous White” purportedly generated the strain by cloning a Cambodian albino mutation over numerous generations until the new genetics were stable. He allegedly named it after his daughter, Avery.

Avery’s Albino exhibits certain characteristics with all of the strains discussed, making it difficult to determine which “theory” is right. However, it appears to be an albino variation of the Cambodian strain because it shares more growth characteristics and appears uncannily similar.

Avery’s Albino Potency & Psilocybin Content

Albino Avery Mushrooms have average potency. The effects of these shrooms are mellow yet intense and highly creative. The body high is strong, and both closed- and open-eye visuals can be good with higher doses.

These figures aren’t fantastic considering that other samples tested closer to 2% — but they’re relatively good for a typical Psilocybe cubensis strain and put Avery’s Albino on the same level as strains such as Golden TeacherKoh Samui, and A+ Strain.

Avery’s Albino Variations & Genetic Relatives

Albino Avery Mushrooms is thought to be a genetic isolation of an albino mutation from the Cambodian strain. However, some claim that this strain is actually a true albino isolation of the A+ Strain. This would mean that other strains, such as the

  • Albino A+ strain
  • Koh Samui
  • the Burma Strain
  • and Albino Burma are also close genetic relatives.


According to legend, the discovery of this mind-bending shroom strain was by a geneticist after years of study on pigment allocation and mutations in Psilocybe Cubensis A+, and our own anecdotal experience with this fantastic magic mushroom strain attests to this rigorous effort.

Avery Albino magic mushrooms are well recognized for producing a profound, long-lasting, and physical high. Users describe mood-boosting euphoria as well as powerful, visual, and exciting trips that can begin 10-30 minutes after consumption.

Expect moderate (1 gram) to strong (3.5-7 gram) visual hallucinations and therapeutic healing benefits depending on your dose level. Begin small and work your way up, as with all of our goods. you can also check out our Dosage Guide.


In conclusion, Avery’s Albino is uncommon and difficult to cultivate. These Avery’s Albino shrooms are not particularly tall, but they have substantial caps and stems. Reproducing this strain is difficult since the spores it generates are white and difficult to gather visually.

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6 reviews for Albino Avery Mushrooms

  1. Yankie Matt

    I loved these shrooms! They reminded me of my trips in high school! I received big mushrooms intact and properly proportioned in terms of stem to cap ratio. I will definitely be reordering from you in the future!

  2. Mailey

    Received my order within the week. Incredibly satisfied with the professionalism and customer service, as well as the quality of the product. I intend to buy more, perhaps even a bulk order, down the road. Glad I chose this company over other competitors. Thanks guys!

  3. Williams Newton

    Glad I chose this company over other competitors. Thanks guys!

  4. Tyler Wand

    Best mushrooms I’ve had in a very long time, enjoyed the come up, high and and come down. Also very long lasting. I use them for indoor music videos and video games! 🙂

  5. Steph Lynn

    Imma buy more of it

  6. K.L.M

    I could only describe as a big cozy hug from The cosmos I feel more connected and aware of my purpose & more is yet to revealed with the medicine some of the misconceptions I was carrying. Dreams also starting to open up more & having deeper intuition.

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