Ecuadorian Mushrooms
Ecuadorian Mushrooms
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Ecuadorian Mushrooms


Ecuadorian Mushrooms, scientifically named Psilocybe cubensis Ecuador, boast caramel-hued caps and potent psychedelic properties, offering transformative experiences. They typically boast medium- to large-sized caps with a convex shape that flattens as they mature.

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Exploring Ecuadorian Mushrooms

Introduction to Ecuadorian Mushrooms

Ecuadorian mushrooms, scientifically known as Psilocybe cubensis Ecuador, stand out among the diverse varieties of psychedelic mushrooms available. Originating from the Andes region of Ecuador, these fungi have gained widespread attention and popularity within the psychedelic community worldwide.

How to Identify Ecuadorian Magic Mushrooms

The Ecuadorian cubensis does not appear to be morphologically or characteristically different from Psilocybe cubensis, arguably the most majestic of all Psilocybes. However, they both are easy to recognize due to their large size, bell-shaped caps with golden color, well-formed and persisting rings, etc.

Here are 5 differential factors on how to best identify Ecuadorian cubensis:

  • Cap: The cap of these shrooms is from 2 to 8cm across in diameter. For young mushrooms, the color of the cap is chestnut or cinnamon-brown, becoming light or golden brown at maturity.
  • Gills: The gills are narrow, close, and attached to the team, with a notch at the point of attachment. With age, they eventually become almost black with distinct white edges.
  • Stem: The team is from 5 to 15cm tall and 5 to 15mm thick, with a widening towards the base in most specimens. When damaged or bruised, the team can demonstrate a bluing reaction.
  • Spores: The spores of this species are subellipsoid and 11.5-17µm by 8-11µm in dimension.
  • Spore Print: The spore print of the Ecuadorian cubensis is purplish brown

 Cultivation of Ecuadorian Mushrooms

  1. Adaptability: These mushrooms are known for their adaptability to various growing conditions, thriving both indoors and outdoors.
  2. Cultivation Process: Insight into the cultivation process, including substrate preparation, environmental requirements, and optimal conditions for growth.

Safe Usage and Considerations

  1. Responsible Use: Highlight the importance of responsible and informed usage, emphasizing proper dosing, setting, and mindset.
  2. Risks and Precautions: Address potential risks associated with mushroom consumption and the necessity of understanding individual tolerance and psychological predispositions.


One recent study from the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine suggests that fixed doses ranging from 23-27mg or weight-adjusted doses ranging from 20-30mg per 70kg are appropriate for pharmacotherapeutic use.

However, something to consider is that a great degree of variability exists in the psilocybin content of individual samples. This variability is dependent not only on physiologic factors of absorption and metabolism but also on extra-pharmacological factors such as mental state and environment, which are often referred to as “set and setting”.

Trip Effects

The trip effects of Ecuadorian cubensis include mental and physical effects mediated by the compounds psilocybin and psilocin. These effects usually appear within 20-30 minutes of ingestion and last roughly 6 to 8 hours, but they may persist for up to 12 to 24 hours.

Most users have reported pleasant effects, including auditory, visual, tactile, gustatory, and olfactory hallucinations with vivid colors, kaleidoscopic phenomena, and flashes of light.

When consuming psychoactive mushrooms, we strongly recommend not mixing them with alcohol, cannabis, or amphetamines because these agents have similar effects on a user’s mood, thoughts, and behavior and will result in “exaggerated” effects, which can be dangerous for the user.

Where Can I Get Ecuadorian Magic Mushrooms?

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Are you new to magic mushrooms? Not to worry! We have produced an extensive guide on magic mushrooms.

Do you have any inquiries? Get in touch with our team of professionals, and they will be delighted to help!

Conclusion and Recommendations

We emphasize the transformative potential and allure of Ecuadorian magic mushrooms while stressing the importance of caution, research, and legality.
We encourage you to seek guidance from experienced individuals, professionals, or reputable sources before considering the use of psychedelic substances.

A reminder to prioritize safety, legality, and personal well-being when exploring the captivating world of Ecuadorian mushrooms or any psychedelic substances.

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