blue angel mushrooms
Blue Angel Mushrooms
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Blue Angel Mushrooms


There are multiple names for flying saucer mushrooms. You may have heard them called Blue Angels, Indigo Psilocybe, or Azzies, even though you may not know how to pronounce their scientific name, psilocybe azurescens.

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Psilocybe Azurescens: Identification of the Blue Angel Mushrooms, Effects of Trips, and Potency

The scientific name of Psilocybe azurescens, recognized as the Blue Angel, flying saucer mushroom, or indigo psilocybe, does not imply its blueness unless it sustains bruising.

The species was named after the mycologist’s son, Azureus, who was named after the bluing reaction of psilocybin mushrooms in general, according to the account. When unbruised, P. azurescens has a mostly caramel hue and a potent psychotropic. It naturally grows only in select areas along the northeast coast of North America, but many nations widely cultivate it as well.

Because of its potency and look, Psilocybe azurescens is an intriguing subject for researchers. This page will delve into depth and uncover all the information there is to know about the description, habitat, distribution, and related species of mushrooms.

What is the appearance of Psilocybe Azurescens (Blue Angel Mushrooms)?

Psilocybe azurenscens is a member of the Psilocybe genus, which includes several species of magic mushrooms that contain the psychoactive substances psilocybin and psilocin.


  • Conic at first, expanding to convex as it ages and flattening
  • Blue Angel Mushrooms’ diameter varies from 30 to 100 mm; a smooth surface turns caramel and orange-brown as it ages from a youthful chestnut brown color.
  • Peel back the gelatinous pellicle covering the cap.
  • regions pitted with zones of bluish-black or dark blue
  • bruised in a blue way when injured


  • Brown in hue, frequently turned black after trauma
  • near one another, rising, and having pale borders
  • dull appearance

Spore Pattern

  • Dark shades of purple brown to purplish black


  • 90–200 mm in length, 2–6 mm in thickness
  • smooth white, with a potential brown hue at the beginning or as it ages.
  • hollow when fully grown
  • cartilaginous tissue that is twisted
  • coarse, white, aerial mycelium tufts at the base that can occasionally have blue undertones

Effects of Psilocybe Azurescens

Azurescens typically smells faintly of starch or is odorless, but it has a highly harsh taste. People often mix it into meals or beverages to enhance the taste when consuming it.

Due to its strong psychoactive effects, Blue Angel Mushrooms is one of the most commonly used microdosing choices. The effects vary depending on your biochemistry and the dosage, just like everything you eat. Due to its high potency, one must use azurescens in a safe and controlled environment.

Because of its high psilocybin and psilocin concentration, many say that azurescens produces more strong and dramatic visual hallucinations than other “magic mushrooms.” Azurescens frequently produces time distortion, dramatic aural shifts, and intense euphoria. The excursions are extremely transcendental because of these potent effects.

Benefits of flying saucer mushrooms for health

Research and data about the therapeutic benefits of psychedelic mushrooms are growing, even if this may not be exclusive to flying saucer mushrooms. The Johns Hopkins Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research is one instance. These are a few of their conclusions:

  • Long-term smokers may benefit from using psychedelic mushrooms to stop
  • For those with cancer that is life-threatening, psilocybin reduces anxiety.
  • Possible therapy for drug addiction or alcoholism
  • Psilocybin has the potential to alleviate severe depression and show results for up to a year.

Researchers continue to conduct investigations. Funding will persist for research on psilocybin mushrooms, providing more opportunities to understand and harness one of nature’s most valuable gifts.

Where is the Flying Saucer located? Habitat plus dispersion

The West Coast of the United States, which includes portions of Oregon and California, is home to Psilocybe azurescens, while reports of sightings in Washington are rare. It also happens in other nations, like the UK, Germany, and New Zealand.

How do you consume flying saucer mushrooms or blue angel mushroom?

Let’s say you want to give eating flying saucer mushrooms a try. If so, there are several ways you can make use of them.

Preparing tea: Steeping flying saucer mushrooms to make tea is a simple way to utilize them. Cooking mushrooms can help eliminate chemicals that can cause upset stomachs, according to Stamets. It can also lessen bitterness, which increases edibility.

Microdosing: Flying saucer mushrooms can be a decent alternative for you if you’re not looking for a strong psychedelic high. Because microdosing typically operates at a sub-perceptual level, individuals may encounter certain positive effects, such as heightened mood and creativity. Recall the potency of this particular species of mushroom. You might get stronger effects even from a microdose than from another psychedelic mushroom.

Consuming them: Eating Blue Angel mushrooms straight, raw or dried, is an additional choice. It’s also not limited to just consuming the mushroom. They could also be added to food and drinks.

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